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DOT Exam

Cascade Health Clinic

The law requires that commercial motor vehicle drivers obtain physical exams every 2 years or sooner if needed. The name of the exam is DOT (department of transportation Medical Examinations). The purpose of this exam is to ensure that the driver meets the criteria of the physical, mental and emotional needs that it takes to drive long hours.

The FMCSA allows only certified medical examiners to do the exam. Cascade Health Clinic is one of the clinics that offer this service at both the Seattle and Sultan location.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Exam?

You need to bring your drivers license and a list of any medications that you are taking.

How long is the Exam?

The exam is about 30 minutes long, however it might be a little longer or a little shorter depending on the situation.

Physical Exam Procedure

The procedure consist of:

Blood pressure
Eyes, Ears, Throat, Mouth and Ears
Heart and Lungs

If the medical examiner finds that the person he/she examined is physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), the medical examiner will complete a Medical Examiner's Certificate and give the original to the person who was examined.  The medical examiner will keep a copy of the Medical Examiner's Certificate on file for at least 3 years. If a driver wishes the Certificate to be in card form, he/she may:

Purchase a separate "medical card" from an industry supplier of motor carrier forms (e.g., State trucking association) before the physical exam and ask the medical examiner to complete and sign it, in addition to the Medical Examination Report form; or
Print the Certificate on cardstock paper. It is permissible to reduce the size of the Certificate. For more information please visit FMCSA

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